What to look for when considering sales training programs

by Michelle Nessman | February 14, 2017 |

stick figure going up stairs looking for what to consider in sales training programs

With a savvier, smarter consumer, significantly increased competition, and very little margin for error when running a business, it's no wonder that countless organizations are looking to create a sales operation that closes sales quicker, while still putting an emphasis on customer satisfaction and an enjoyable customer experience. With many sales training programs accessible, how do you know which one is the right one for your organization?  Here's a shortlist of factors to consider:

  1. They customize the sales process to your buyers -- When up against the wall because of increase competition, the last thing you want is for a sales consultant to implement a sales process that could very well be used by your competitor down the street.  Not only do "canned" sales processes prevent you from differentiation, they aren't customer-centric.  Beware of "out of the box" sales training solution. 
  2. They look at technology's role in sales enablement -- Before committing to a sales training program, make sure the program features assessment and use of your sales and marketing technology. Your sales process should work with the technological assets sales reps have at their finger tips.  For example, does the sales training program include use of sales email templates that can be housed in your customer relationship management (CRM) system?  Does it include marketing automation for prospects that have cooled off so sales reps can focus on prospects who are still engaged in the sales process? Solid sales training programs take into consideration how technology can help sales professionals be more effective and efficient. 
  3. They know the importance of sales and marketing alignment -- Think back on the conversations you've had regarding sales training programs.  Did they discuss marketing's role in sales success with you?  Did they identify what common marketing and sales related metrics you are currently measuring?  Sales working in a silo separate from marketing activity is a recipe for disaster considering 60-70% of buyers' journeys are now complete prior to even reaching a sales person. 

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