What is the buyer's journey?

a compass showing you the way to navigate the buyer's journey

Understanding the buyer's journey is the first step to creating a sales process that buyer's won't hate.  Let's face it, most buyers wait as long as possible before engaging a sales rep.  Their first priority is learning as much as they can about the possible solutions available to them, ensuring that when they are ready to buy, they are equipped with enough information to make a good sound decision.  Companies that see the value in providing this level of education create the opportunity for buyers to see value in their educational approach to selling, gaining a competitive edge when it comes to who the buyer will call on first for more information. 

So what is the buyer's journey and how does it affect your sales and marketing strategy?  The buyer's journey is the process buyers go through to become aware of, evaluate and eventually buy a product or service.  The buyer's journey has three stages: awareness, consideration and decision. 

In the awareness stage, the buyer becomes aware that they have a problem they would like solve or a goal in mind.  In the consideration stage of the buyer's journey, buyers identify what it is they want to accomplish if they choose to buy, and research is done.  In the decision stage of the buyer's journey, buyers evaluate their options and make a decision. 

Understanding the questions buyers have at each stage of the buyer's journey is powerful information that can generate content prospective buyers will want to read.  Understanding milestones that indicate moving from one stage of the buyer's journey to another allows you to identify when marketing has the most opportunity to support the buyer's journey, as well as identifying when and how sales can support the buyer's journey as well. 

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Understanding the buyer's journey and using it to build your sales and marketing strategy ensures your marketing strategy and sales process is entirely customer centric.  Want to be more effective with sales and marketing strategy?  Sell the way people actually buy. 



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