Sales Enablement Tools - How to Get the Most Out of Your CRM

by Michelle Nessman | February 17, 2016 |

how to get the most out of your CRM

On average organizations use less than 50% of the full features and functionalities of their sales and marketing software.  Here are a few things to consider:

Integrate your CRM and MAP

This is possible when you select the right Customer Relation Management (CRM) system that allows for connectivity with other software systems your organization uses--such as your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), billing system, or call tracking software.

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Where to begin?

Research a CRMs and MAPs with these 5 considerations in mind:

1)      Workflow capabilities: A workflow takes a sales or marketing process and articulates it through use of your CRM or MAP. Both sales (through use of your CRM) and marketing (through use of your MAP) should have clearly identified workflows in your software systems. A good CRM and MAP will have built-in logic to support the workflows.

2)     Reporting capabilities: Reports should be easy to customize, as well as easy to understand. A comprehensive CRM solution should also allow for different users to have different dashboards of reporting.

3)     Cloud-based capabilities: Cloud access gives you a lot of flexibility. Premise-based CRMs require your IT team to develop elaborate firewalls to enable secure access from any device, meaning more money and more internal resource needs.

4)     Ability to grow with your organization: While the needs of your organization today may be different than five years from now, making a solid software decision requires you to look at your organization’s current state, along with potential growth in the future.

5)     Customization capabilities: As you grow into a new CRM or MAP, you will likely identify customizations your organization hadn’t originally required.  Many CRMs today offer features like building sales email templates (that are personalized when sent) that allow you to attach valuable content so every email is meaningful and purposeful. 

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