Is Your Senior Living Marketing Proactive or Reactive?

by Michelle Nessman | November 08, 2019 | Marketing

Stressed? Well, constantly trying to get ahead of the curve is trying. The fact is, few things in life work out best with a reactive approach.

Just like you tell your residents, being proactive will usually prevent you from making last-minute decisions just because you need to find a resolution....


6 Marketing Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make

by Michelle Nessman | November 01, 2019 | Marketing


6 Apps You Can Use to Create Videos In-house

by Michelle Nessman | October 11, 2019 | Marketing

No budget? No problem. These apps can get your video content marketing strategy off the ground.

You already know video marketing is the best channel for increasing awareness, building trust, driving engagement, and, ultimately, converting prospects and delighting customers. But with budgets...


7 Most Common Content Marketing Questions Answered

by Michelle Nessman | October 04, 2019 | Marketing

Wondering if blogs or email are still effective? Read on to find out.

Think content marketing got its start with the advent of the internet? Think again. Companies have been providing valuable content to audiences for hundreds of years.


5 Ways to Make your Content go viral

by Michelle Nessman | August 02, 2019 | Marketing

If you’re posting content on the internet, you want as many eyes on it as possible. More eyes mean more visibility, exposure, and traffic, which leads to increased sales revenue.

But in this age of information overload, it’s not easy to make your content go viral. A punchy headline or a cute...


A guide to influencer marketing

by Michelle Nessman | July 26, 2019 | Marketing

Most senior living organizations will tell you that word of mouth is the greatest contributor to full communities. Yet few invest in influencer marketing strategies.


5 ways to use email marketing for senior living

by Michelle Nessman | July 12, 2019 | Marketing, Senior Living

If you think email marketing isn’t an effective marketing tool, you’re just not doing it right. Email is one of the most powerful, efficient, and cost-effective ways to establish and nurture more personal relationships with leads and customers, generating $38 for every $1 spent. The key is to...


Why you can't afford not to include video marketing in your health care marketing strategy

by Michelle Nessman | July 05, 2019 | Marketing, Senior Living

Let’s be honest: If you aren’t using video in your health care marketing, you’re falling behind the times.


Finding the Right strategic partner for the family business

by Michelle Nessman | June 28, 2019 | Marketing, Senior Living

When Sara Robertson goes into work every day, she’s not only thinking about how to increase occupancy among her assisted living and memory care communities. She’s also thinking about how to make her grandparents proud. That’s because Robertson is co-owner of a third-generation family business.


How your small senior living organization can compete with the big dogs

by Michelle Nessman | June 28, 2019 | Marketing, Senior Living

Competition in the senior housing space is fierce. If you’re a smaller senior living organization, you might start to get nervous when you see a shiny new complex from a mammoth corporation open down the street — but you don’t need to be. With a focus on differentiation, digital marketing, and...


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