How to Meet Your Sales Goals in the New Year

by Michelle Nessman | December 10, 2014 | Leadership, Sales

Each January, roughly one in three Americans resolve to better themselves in some way personally or professionally, however, a much smaller percentage of people actually make good on those resolutions. While about 75% of people stick to their goals for at least a week, less than half are still...


Value Added Acquisitions - Alternatives for Capital

by Michelle Nessman | July 18, 2014 | Leadership

With the fast-growing baby boom population expected to continue to increase demand for senior housing, providers are seeking new opportunities to expand their current portfolios. But can single-property or small providers grow quick enough to stay competitive with large senior living companies? The...


Employee Engagement: Developing a High-Performing Senior Living Workforce

by Michelle Nessman | May 16, 2014 | Leadership

At the heart of every high-performing senior living community is a workforce with a high level of employee engagement. The challenge is, the healthcare industry often still mistakes employee satisfaction for employee engagement. A satisfied employee might be perfectly content receiving a paycheck...


6 Sales and Marketing Strategies for Sustainable Growth in 2017

by Michelle Nessman | April 17, 2014 | Leadership

With census growth and sustainability on every senior living providers mind, strategic planning plays a key role in growing your census and ensuring your attention is focused in the right areas. Senior living providers today are challenged with controlling or reducing costs while also...


Affordable Care Creates Opportunity for New Partnerships

by Michelle Nessman | April 10, 2014 | Leadership, Senior Living

Regardless of whether you are an assisted living provider, independent living provider or skilled nursing provider, rapid changes in the healthcare market will require senior living providers to be more engaged with transitional care options than ever before.


Lesson in Leadership - Staying Out of the Weeds

by Michelle Nessman | April 10, 2014 | Leadership

A Lesson in Leadership from George Washington

Whether on the battlefield or in office, George Washington strove to surrounded himself with talent. Author Richard Brookhiser wrote that Washington “drew upon others who were in some sense smarter than he was, but he himself knew what to do and where...


How Much Should I Tip? A Lesson Learned Over Dinner

by Michelle Nessman | April 01, 2014 | Leadership

While traveling last week, I decided to dine in the restaurant in the hotel where I was staying. With only three other customers in the restaurant at that time, my waiter promptly attended to me once I was seated and service throughout my meal continued to be quick and attentive. The food...


Sales Tip of the Day: Time Management

by Michelle Nessman | March 26, 2014 | Leadership, Sales

Poor time management can lead to frustration, stress, doubt and exhaustion. There are a number of sales professionals that have no idea how much time they are spending in the selling zone, or they know that it isn't enough time.   In order to control your work week, these non-income producing...


Follow the Leader: A Lesson in Senior Living Sales

by Michelle Nessman | February 10, 2014 | Leadership

Does this sound familiar?


Maximizing Revenue in Skilled Nursing Senior Living Sales

by Michelle Nessman | November 18, 2013 | Leadership

Changes to Medicare funding over the course of the last several years has and will continue to push skilled nursing homes to look at all aspects of revenue generation and spending at the community and company level.  Increasing net operating income requires nursing homes to be more knowledgeable...


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