The Role Graphic Design Plays In Brand Awareness And Inbound Marketing Strategy

As you drive down the highway and see a yellow golden arch up ahead, immediately you associate it with McDonald's. This is an example of brand awareness, it is the extent to which consumers are able to recognize a brand. Developing brand awareness is an essential part of growing any business.  It is key to launching a new product or service. It allows a company to differentiate products or services that are similar to competitors. Visual content plays an equally important role in inbound marketing strategy.  Let's look at the role graphic design plays in brand awareness, as well as Inbound Marketing.

1. Logo Development and Design

Creating a brand logo that is easy to identify and is consistent across all channels is a foundational element of brand awareness. Sure there are plenty of "do it yourself" sites out there, but how many variations of your logo do you receive, and does a DIY logo really capture the visual impact you are trying to make?   

2. Get Visual

Describing what your business does may be easily communicated to consumers verbally, but how can you explain your business to others with illustration? Visuals can come in the form of infographics, images, cinemagraphs and more.  Visual content is easy to digest and for some prospects, is the preferred way to consume information online.  It's one of the primary reasons Pinterest has gained popularity among the many social channels. 

3. Website Design

Gone are the days of the online brochure type website.  Graphic design when incorporated with website design can generate powerful visuals to incorporate into your website to break up copy, create easy to digest information, and create appealing design layouts, while ensuring that your brand style stays intact.   

4. Graphic Design + Inbound Marketing = Powerful Strategy

Graphic designers that are part of an inbound marketing team use buyer personas (which are semi-fictional representation of your ideal customers) to determine what type of visual content prospects are looking for that would attract them to your website or social channels.   

Graphic Design plays an essential role in brand awareness.  Consistency in brand style, as well as creating visual content that is appealing to your target audience all contribute to overall brand awareness. 

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