"How are we ever going to pay for this?" Senior Living Customer concerns you must be ready to address!

by Michelle Nessman | August 24, 2015 | Sales, Senior Living

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Positioning yourself as a trusted advisor and the go-to in your market for information regarding senior living requires a solid understanding of the fears, concerns or even misunderstandings of your customer, as well as relevant, useful content that can help them understand the ins and outs of financing senior living.

According to a new poll from the Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, “many older Americans continue to lack confidence in their ability to pay the costs of ongoing living assistance. In fact, only a third said that they have set aside money for care. More than half report doing little or no planning at all for their own ongoing living assistance needs,” says the report.

The report’s findings include, more than 25 percent of Americans age 40 and older are unsure whether Medicare pays for ongoing living assistance services like nursing homes and home health aides. About 1 in 4 older Americans also overestimate private health insurance coverage of nursing home care.

Approximately half of older Americans believe that a family member or close friend will need ongoing living assistance within the next five years. Of those who anticipate this need, 7 out of 10 report they do not feel very prepared to provide care.

How are YOU using this information to position yourself?  Whether it be for marketing materials, as an idea for an educational seminar or a way to add content to your website, here are five topics to take into consideration:

  1. Understanding Medicare and Medicaid
  2. Understanding Long Term Care Insurance
  3. How to fund senior living
  4. Asset Management: Looking long term at your future
  5. Understanding the difference between month to month rental, continuing care retirement communities and life care communities

While sales people should have a basic understanding of all of these topics, identifying resources you can create such as checklists, worksheets, eBooks and white papers that can be utilized in email templates, on your website, and while on visits with professionals in the local community will convey your organization's committment to thought leadership and education.   

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Positioning yourself as a trusted advisor is more than knowing what to say.  Many organizations haven't invested in proprietary content for their organization, leaving sales counselors to find resources online.  The challenge is that this leaves the sales rep as the trusted avisor, without conveying that your organization is committed to education as well. 


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